Annotation Type Mock

public @interface Mock

   public class ArticleManagerTest extends SampleBaseTestCase { 
       @Mock private ArticleCalculator calculator;
       @Mock private ArticleDatabase database;
       @Mock private UserProvider userProvider;
       private ArticleManager manager;
       @Before public void setup() {
           manager = new ArticleManager(userProvider, database, calculator);
   public class SampleBaseTestCase {
       @Before public void initMocks() {
MockitoAnnotations.initMocks(this) method has to called to initialize annotated mocks.

In above example, initMocks() is called in @Before (JUnit4) method of test's base class. For JUnit3 initMocks() can go to setup() method of a base class. You can also put initMocks() in your JUnit runner (@RunWith) or use built-in runners: MockitoJUnit44Runner, MockitoJUnitRunner