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Main package
org.mockito Mockito is a mock library for java - see Mockito class for for usage.


Other Packages
org.mockito.configuration Mockito configuration utilities
org.mockito.configuration.experimental Experimental configuration utility.
org.mockito.exceptions Exception messages, exception hierarchies.
org.mockito.exceptions.base Base classes for exceptions and errors, stack trace filtering/removing logic.
org.mockito.exceptions.cause Exceptions used as a cause to form descriptive stack trace.
org.mockito.exceptions.misusing Exceptions thrown when Mockito is misused.
org.mockito.exceptions.verification Verification errors.
org.mockito.exceptions.verification.junit JUnit integration to provide better support for junit runners in IDEs.
org.mockito.internal Internal classes, not to be used by clients.
org.mockito.internal.configuration Mockito configuration
org.mockito.internal.creation Mock object creation.
org.mockito.internal.creation.jmock Borrowed from jmock codebase
org.mockito.internal.invocation Invocation and related classes.
org.mockito.internal.matchers Argument matchers for verification and stubbing.
org.mockito.internal.matchers.apachecommons Argument matchers that use Apache Commons Lang reflection-equality.
org.mockito.internal.progress Mocking progress stateful classes.
org.mockito.internal.stubbing Stubbing logic.
org.mockito.internal.util Static utils
org.mockito.internal.verification Verification logic.
org.mockito.internal.verification.api This package should be open to public once verification API is fully finished
org.mockito.internal.verification.checkers verification checkers
org.mockito.invocation Publicly visible classes related to invocation
org.mockito.runners JUnit runners.
org.mockito.stubbing External stubbing related classes